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More than employees…

Our Family

At Layne’s, we don’t just provide great food, fun and fashion sense. We also offer great opportunities for youth in our communities. If you’ve read our History page (if not, you really should – it’s an epic tale filled with heroes, suspense and plot twists), you know that back in 1994, the original Layne’s location gave Mike Garratt his career start and became his extended family. Today, we strive to keep that feeling going and maintain our college-town attitude (well, at least the good parts) as we open more locations.

Building off the principle of


Obviously, we’re serious about Chicken Fingers. But we’re just as serious about providing our team members with the following:

We understand that no one succeeds alone. Through teamwork, we all win!

Life Skills
We provide real-life experience and leadership training you can take anywhere.

For team members who want to grow with us, opportunities abound within our company.

While every company says they like to have fun, we really do. In fact, you don’t know what real fun is until you’ve seen Astro Chicken in a thong.

Meet our 

Chief Finger Officer

Back in 1994, when people still used fax machines and the term “mullet” was popularized, Mike Layne opened the doors of our original location. The next year, a college student named Mike Garratt came by for lunch and, on his way inside, stopped to clean up the flowerbeds. Mike Layne noticed the gesture and thought Mike Garratt would make a good landscaper, but an even better addition to his Chicken Finger team. The two worked side by side, and as the restaurant’s following grew, Mike Garratt graduated from Texas A&M and became sole owner of Layne’s.

At some point along the way, Astro Chicken was brought on as spiritual guide and all-around baller. But his importance to the organization could not be denied, and in 2021 Astro Chicken was promoted to CFO – Chief Finger Officer.

Today, with a little help from some of Mike’s friends, we’re bringing Layne’s Soon to be Famous™ Chicken Fingers to everyone who craves excitement with a side of secret sauce.

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