It was back in 1994 when Mike Layne opened the doors of our original location in College Station. The next year, a college student named Mike Garratt came by for lunch, and on his way inside he stopped to clean up the flower beds. Mike Layne noticed the gesture and thought Mike Garratt would make a good addition to the team. Turns out he was right. For the next few years, the two Mikes worked side by side. Layne taught Garratt how to make work fun and that food quality is more important than anything else. In exchange, Garratt taught Layne a thing or two about how to improve the business. The restaurant continued to grow and eventually Mike Garratt became the sole owner of Layne’s. Flash forward twenty years of hard work later and, now, with the help of some friends, we’re bringing Layne’s to the rest of the country.