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Our History

Born & breaded in


Our original location in College Station is still open, and our goal is to bring the same small-town charm, friendly service and iconic chicken fingers & secret sauce to the rest of the world…and beyond. Now with more Astro Chicken!

Friendship forged in fingers & rise of 

Astro Chicken

Back in 1994, when people still used fax machines and the term “mullet” was popularized, Mike Layne opened the doors of our original location. The next year, a college student named Mike Garratt came by for lunch and, on his way inside, stopped to clean up the flowerbeds. Mike Layne noticed the gesture and thought Mike Garratt would make a good landscaper, but an even better addition to his Chicken Finger team. The two worked side by side, and as the restaurant’s following grew, Mike Garratt graduated from Texas A&M and became sole owner of Layne’s.

At some point along the way, Astro Chicken was brought on as spiritual guide and all-around baller. But his importance to the organization could not be denied, and in 2021 Astro Chicken was promoted to CFO – Chief Finger Officer.

Today, with a little help from some of Mike’s friends, we’re bringing Layne’s Soon to be Famous™ Chicken Fingers to everyone who craves excitement with a side of secret sauce.

Extra, extra, read all about Layne’s


As our popularity grows and Astro Chicken continues to make a spectacle of himself at red carpet events, we’re in the news more than ever. Stay in-the-know on all things Layne’s. You might even learn a nugget or two that will help you win trivia night at the lodge.

 Texas A&M Student Favorite

 Opens First Houston-Area Restaurant in Katy

June 30th, 2021

More than employees…

Our kids

Everybody will tell you they have the best kids… but they’re wrong. We have the best kids! We’re a work hard, play hard fam. Our team is made up of dedicated people who have been with us since Astro Chicken was just a hatchling. We’ve seen our kids go from making toast to managing their own stores. We raise ‘em right.

We’re looking for great people. Huge emphasis on great! Our team is full of positive, friendly, hard-working individuals who end each day with a victory dance. Does that sound like you? Apply now! We’ll put some fun in your life and benjis in your bank.

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Layne’s is more than fresh chicken fingers, thick-cut fries and hand-spun shakes. It’s a lifestyle. And to live it, you’ve got to look it. Fortunately, we offer an array of Layne’s shirts, hats, hoodies and more to accessorize your free-range-livin’ state of mind.

Whether you’re ice yachting, hippo wrestling or recliner napping, you’ll look your best in this sweet gear…all Astro Chicken approved! So order a whole bunch of stuff and get your wardrobe poppin’!

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