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Become part of the Layne’s Family

Since 1994, we have been focused on providing great food, service, and giving back to the community while having fun along the journey. In fact, our core values are just that, Food, Service, and Community. This is the foundation Layne’s began over 25 years ago. Our motto is “How Can We Help?, so if you believe in our core values and naturally ask how to help, join our team.

It is a big decision for you to own a Layne’s and it takes dedication and passion. We recognize that commitment and look forward to exploring a partnership together.

Layne’s just started franchising so the world is available

available markets

*Yellow boxes indicate unavailable markets (Dallas, College Station, Houston).

simple six step process


Fill out the request form at the bottom of this page.


As soon as we receive your request we’ll get in touch as soon as possible.


After our initial conversation we will send you a confidential request for more information.


Once we’ve verified all of your information we’ll invite you to visit our headquarters to learn more about Layne’s and make sure this opportunity will be a good fit.

5. FDD

We will send you Franchise disclosure documents.


Congratulations…you are now part of the Layne’s family and we will be there to help you along your journey.

have a question?

We more than likely have your answer
We are in talks with a number of potential Franchisees but we just recently launched our Franchise program so if there’s an area you’re interested in there’s a great chance it’s still available.

5% Royalty and Marketing fees of 2%.

We do not offer financing; nor, do we guarantee your note, lease or obligation.

A free standing unit will typically range from 2,800 sq feet to 3600 sq. feet.

A minimum of 14 days of on the job and classroom training.

A selected Dallas Forth Worth location.

In most available markets Layne’s is seeking to partner with franchisees who will own several units. We will consider partnering with a franchisee with one location with the appropriate experience.

You must have energetic passion for hospitality and the ability to lead an organization. In addition, individuals must show at least $250,000 in non-borrowed personal resources (liquid assets like cash, marketable securities, stocks, etc.) along with an overall net worth (total assets minus total liabilities) of at least $750,000.

Overall, the initial financial obligation is $769,000 – $1,320,000.

You are responsible for choosing your restaurant site, but we will assist you in the process and we do have the right to make final approval.


For more information about owning a Layne’s, please fill out the request for consideration.  A Layne’s representative will send a Confidential Request (CR) Form for you to fill out so learn more about you.  After receipt of the CR Form, a Layne’s representative will set up a call so we can start a dialogue and build a relationship.  Next, we will host you and your team to a Discovery Day at Layne’s.  Next steps would be to receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and after completion of the FDD you are ready to start a business all about Food, Service, and Community.

ready now? let’s get started!

What’s that? You want to open a Layne’s? Awesome! Ok, start by telling us a little more about yourself and we’ll get this ball rolling.

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